The name Robertson & Co is synonymous with excellence in its field of operations. In a large part this is due to the expertise, very high quality, training and professionalism of the people who work for us. We are currently enjoying sustained growth from both new and existing clients. Whilst handling that growth, we are determined to maintain the very high levels of quality, return on investment and service level delivery for which Robertson & Co are respected and renowned. To achieve that objective, we are always seeking to identify outstanding talent for future employment and frequently seek to recruit additional members of staff.


Surveillance Operatives

<> Republic of Ireland   <> South Wales   <> Reading   <> South Coast (East Sussex/West Sussex) <> London <> Essex <> Hertfordshire

We are seeking to add to our existing team by recruiting, experienced, trained self-motivated and tenacious surveillance operatives of the highest integrity. These are home based, contracted posts throughout the British Isles .Applicants for these posts will be called for interview. This is likely to include a practical assessment of your ability to observe and follow covertly on foot and by vehicle. Applicant operatives will be required to satisfy the following criteria, which will be validated in all cases: <> Surveillance trained   <> Minimum 5 years full time, practical experience in conducting both foot and mobile surveillance.  <> Experienced in handling and documenting evidence and evidence continuity.   <> RIPA, DPA, PfHA and HRA aware.

Applying For This Position :

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