About Us Robertson & Co Since our inception, we have been guided by the objective:"We don't want to be just good; we want to be the best."
Robertson & Co began as a family run business in 1997. It has since achieved double digit growth year on year, making it one of the largest suppliers in it field in the UK today. Despite its size, Robertson & Co retains the ethical culture and core values of a family business. Our reputation is everything to us.

Our Values:
  • Ethical behaviour, integrity and honesty lie at the core of our business principles.
  • Our clients always come first. Our success is dependent on the quality and level of service we offer our clients.
  • Our most valuable assets are our people, our service and our reputation. And, we work tirelessly to maintain each one, through training and quality management systems.
  • We employ the best person for the job. And, we expect the best from the person in the job.
  • We understand the importance of confidentiality when handling information. Consequently, the improper or careless disclosure of confidential information is simply unthinkable.
  • Our business is highly competitive. While we constantly seek to expand our client relationships, we encourage fair competition; we never denigrate our competitors.
  • The constant monitoring of the world of claims and fraud allows us to anticipate changes and develop and introduce new, effective and viable solutions for our clients.

See exactly what some of our clients say about us here.

We provide coverage throughout Great Britain and Eire with every case managed by an experienced mix of ex-senior detective police officers and insurance claims personnel. We also operate across the globe, through our selected network of associates.

All our staff are selected, thoroughly vetted and trained by us irrespective of their background or previous experience. Employed by us under contract and working to a Code of Ethics and Professional Standards, they receive regular continuation training. All our staff undergo regular, compulsory on-line testing of their knowledge of the controlling legislation and company policies.

Our operatives are employed by us to gather evidence. They do not compile reports. Every case we undertake is allocated to one of our in-house Investigation Managers, under whose personal and direct supervision the case is investigated. It is our managers, for reasons of consistency of quality, style and detail, backed up by quality audits, who compile all reports, liaise with our clients and outside bodies and supervise our field force on a case by case basis.

A well-known and experienced Insurance Counter Fraud Manager said of us:

"Robertson & Co has set the standard by which our other suppliers are judged - they have revolutionised the surveillance industry in the UK."

We are naturally proud to receive endorsements such as this. We also realise though we are only as good as our last job and do not intend to let a competitor ease us in to second place.
The Robertson & Co Team