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IQ Level 4 Award Interviewing Techniques and Preparing Witness Statements

This unique, accredited Level 4 Award delivers the relevant knowledge, managerial skills planning abilities and practical application required enhance interviewing skills and obtain witness statements. It is an invaluable, qualification for any Investigator or Investigation Manager and provides recognised learning of best practice involved in this essential aspect of investigation.

From many years of sector experience Robertson and Co's industry professionals have acquired expertise and knowledge in all forms of interviewing both suspects and witnesses alike. This accrued know-how is shared with attendees on this course.

In particular the learner will be tutored in:

  • Lawful and ethical methods of gathering evidence
  • Planning and understanding the objectives of the interview
  • Being able to implement Methods of interview
  • The Use of Interpreters
  • Health and safety issues in relation to interviewing
  • Interview process and the techniques required to gather information
  • Useful tips and hints on interviewing
  • Storage of records and exhibits to protect their integrity
  • The PEACE Model of interviewing

A total of 60 guided learner hours are delivered through pre-course reading, assignments and research, one to one discussion sessions, group tutorials, practical demonstration and application. 40 hours guided learner hours of the training will be delivered at one of our training centres, or for group bookings at a venue of your choice.

For more information and a personal quotation please contact:

Andy Cook, Director of Training, Licensing and Regulation
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Andy Rhodes, Business Diversification Manager
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